Fun in Fukuoka (Japan) Street Style!

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FUKUOKA!!! Today I teamed up with local photographer and bud ( Daniel Byron ) and together we hit the streets of Fukuoka. Ranking 12th on the “Most Livable Cities in the World”  list , Fukuoka is full of life and commerce. With everyone dressing to their own personality , there was no shortage looks for us to snap. We also learned a new Japanese English phrase, “Street Style Photography” is commonly known here, on the streets, as “Street Snap” ( a little drop of wisdom Mr. Toyama gave us). So armed with that piece of knowledge we took to the streets ….

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Streetstyle bonus : Kampen (Netherlands)


From giant plated gold cogs , three mast ships, to windmills Kampen was quite the fun spot. In this tidy little city where everything seem to run at a different speed and sunsets seem to last a little bit longer. Cyclist have priority , actually to not own a bike is strange, and moped riders freely race around town without helmets. And whether your a Heineken fan , love pancakes, or just like local snack food like Freakn’ Ls  or Bitterballs this town is a great place to just relax and really enjoy life.

IMG_8576cIMG_8402c   IMG_8544c      IMG_8283cIMG_8284c IMG_8285cIMG_8270cIMG_8266cIMG_8253cIMG_8255c IMG_8290c IMG_8295c          IMG_8552cIMG_8276cIMG_8249cIMG_8251cIMG_8265cIMG_8503c IMG_8514cIMG_8498cIMG_8300cIMG_8332cIMG_8371cIMG_8365c IMG_8375cIMG_8530cIMG_8493cIMG_8585cIMG_8444c

Paris : Streetstyle



Paris the city of love. This summer I finally had the pleasure of traveling around to some other European cities.  Neither words nor photos can express the atmosphere you become immersed in. But maybe in the combination you glimpse a small piece of the world some call home …







IMG_7856cIMG_7788cIMG_7850c       IMG_7852c  IMG_7843c IMG_7884c IMG_7916c IMG_7927c IMG_7936c IMG_7948c IMG_7949c IMG_7987cIMG_7834cIMG_7836cIMG_7839c IMG_8020cIMG_8016cIMG_8011cIMG_8006cIMG_8008cIMG_7998c IMG_8001cIMG_8000c

Warm sunshine and cold beer, Streetstyle budapest 2013



Streetstyle : Hello ladies , what’s your favorite thing about spring?

Princess 1: Cold beer in the sunshine

Princess 2: Hanging out with my friends

Streetstyle: Do you have a favorite spring accessory?

Princess 1: Shorts , rings , earrings

Princess 2: Necklaces

Streetstyle : Do you two study or work?

Princess 1: I work in a bank

Princess 2: I work also

Streetstyle: Do you like your men clean shaven or with a little stubble?

Princess 1: Clean shaven or a little stubble, I don’t like full beards

Streetstyle : Do you have any hobbies?

Princess 1: I like reading

Princess 2: I like to wakeboard


IMG_3312cIMG_3313c  IMG_3308c IMG_3309c IMG_3311c

Spring T’s , Budapest Streetstyle



Nothing says chilled like a good set of T’s !

Streetstyle: Hello , you guys don’t look like you’re from around here . Where you guys from?

Princess 2: Yes, we’re from Holland

Streetstyle: Nice 😀 , and what do you guys like about spring?

Princess  2,3,4: Baby animals, flowers, sunglasses , shorts, neon colored clothes

Streetstyle : And what do the Dutch do in spring?

Princesses: We have spring parties, and the queen’s birthday. Everybody has to wear orange on the queen’s birthday



Budapest Streetstyle , 2013 demin jackets and dresses


With the weather hot in the day and a little cool in the evening people are starting to mix styles. This year one I especially like is dresses and skirts and jean jackets.

Streetstyle: Hello ladies, what are a few things that you’ve been waiting all winter to wear, and now that its spring you can take them out of your closet?

Princess 1+2: Icecream , little dresses, sunglasses, shorts , skirts and sandles

Streetstyle: What else does spring mean for you guys?

Princess 1: Last months of studying and exams




Today I was feeling a little tired so I sat down on some steps. When I looked up and I saw these two chatting and I knew breaktime was over.

Streetstyle: What are you’re favorite thing about spring?

Princess 1: Weather

Princess 2: Sunshine

Streetstyle: Do you guys have any hobbies?

Princess 1: I play the clarinet

Princess 2: I like hanging out with my friends

Streetstyle : Are you two students?

Princess 1+2: Yes

Streetstyle : What do you study?

Princess 1: Medicine , I’m gonna be a doctor

Princess 2: Business information

Streetstyle: Do you have a favorite accessory or piece of clothing?

Princess 2: My shoes! They were my mother’s before , so they’re almost 25 years old!

Streetstyle: So they’re a family heirloom ? 😀

Princess 2: Yes , haha

Streetstyle : And you?

Princess 1: I would have to say my necklace.

Streetstyle: Is there also a story behind your necklace?

Princess 1: Yes, it originally was the medallion on a pair of earring, that my father bought as a gift for me from his trip to Venice. But then , I lost one of the pair. So I made a necklace out of it


IMG_3301c  IMG_3300cIMG_3299c

Streetstyle 2013, Patterns


Streetstyle: What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Princess: Getting flooded with nostalgic feelings of the pass and the ones yet to be made

Streetstyle: where’s your favorite place to shop?

Princess : Well my boyfriend lives in London so I like shopping wen I go visit him.

Streetstyle: what’s your favorite piece of  clothing ?

Princess: Jackets

Streetstyle: What’s the first thing you notice when someone enters the room?

Princess: the unusual things about them, the part the makes them unique

Streetstyle: What’s your favorite scent on a man?

Princess : Natural , I can’t stand when someone has too much cologne or perfume on

IMG_2677c IMG_2678c